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Blow Pipe.357 Magnum

By the easy handling the .357 Magnum Blow Pipe by Cold Steel makes pure fun. Especially, it is super light, cost-effective and provides hours of fun to shoot at target with family and friends!

Thereby, the Blow Pipe is made of high-quality, durable aluminum and the mouthpiece, quiver and protection ring are made of TRP (thermoplastic rubber), this Blow Pipe is far more durable and precise than many of the curious toy blowpipes available today, for beginners and younger users compact, lightweight and inexpensive.

Delivered with spear-point arrows and stun darts (plug arrows). In addition, each piece is equipped with a rubber grommet and can therefore also be used as a walking stick!


  • .357 Magnum Blow Pipe, 4 feet (appr. 1.2 m)
  • 1.7 mm wall thickness
  • mouthpiece, rubber grommet, quiver, protection ring, grab handle made of foamed material and 30 arrows (20 spear darts + 10 plug arrows – so-called Super Stun Darts) are included in scope of delivery.

Please note: In Germany Blow Pipes may not be used for hunting!

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