Mousse de remplacement carquois Super Hunter

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Mousse de remplacement pour carquois Super Hunter avec plaque de protection interne

The interior of the Super Hunter Bow Quiver is of super durable foam plastic. Arrows are easy to install deeply into the “Hood” of the bow quiver and are held securely in place. Additionally the foam material is covered with a sturdy plastic layer. This combination ensures that both conventional training points and broadheads are seated properly and securely in the hood of the bow quiver. To help prevent injury from broadheads it is essential that the complete blade of the broadhead be covered within the hood.

  • Material: Foam


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Carquois super hunter à vis Carquois super hunter à vis
A partir de 130,00 €
Carquois super hunter straps Carquois super hunter straps
130,00 €
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