Poignée Mohawk

Poignée Mohawk

Référence: 30135

STOCK EPUISE 2 à 12 semaines de délai indicatif.


All Mohawk risers are now crafted with an attractive combination of beautiful reddish Bubinga accented with strips of Micarta. Bearpaw's own master bowyer Chris Unger designed the Mohawk grip to fit perfectly in your hand. This makes a bow that points naturally and shoots with enhanced stability. Our Mohawk has earned its reputation around the world as one of the best all-around take-down bows available anywhere - and at a very attractive price!

The unique riser combination of Bubinga and Micarta offers three significant advantages:

  • Heavier Weight - Solid in the archer's hand.
  • Very Natural & Attractive Look - Why not shoot a beautiful bow?
  • Higher Stability - Stable bows allow more accurate shooting under all conditions.

When selecting the Mohawk Recurve the choice is yours: Recurve limbs are available in a compact 60" model and a longer - smoother 62 inch model.
The Mohawk Hybrid Longbow is available in a smooth - fast 62 inch model.

  • Length: 17 inches
  • Woods: Bubinga with Mycarta
  • Guarantee: 30 years Bodnik Bows Garantie
  • Quality: German Quality 



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"Sheytan" Black and White sur commande "Sheytan" Black and White sur commande
Longbow "Maraudeur MG2" sur commande Longbow "Maraudeur MG2" sur commande
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