Bow staf Manau 180 cm

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Bow staf Manau approx: 155 cm

The bow raw piece Manau for the making of English Longbows. Manau is an excellent material to work on and offers especially beginners a cheap possibility to try themselves at bow-making. Bows made of Manau are nearly unbreakable and can also be used for long drawing lengths.
 ●  Length: approx: 60" (ca. 155 cm)
 ●   Diameter: 38 - 42 mm


Product Note Status Price
Diablesse "Classique" 1 couleur Diablesse "Classique" 1 couleur
Historic Target points 5/16 and 11/32 Historic Target points 5/16 and 11/32
(Poids: 125 grains, Taille: 11/32)
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