Recurve Bodnik Hunter

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Recurve Grizzly Hunter This integral hunting recurve is a perfect combination of esthetics, performance and price. The dark walnut handle completes harmonically the black limbs. Even for drawing lengths of more than 30" the bow length of 60" can still be drawn supply and is easy to handle. This comfortable and high-performance characteristic can only be guaranteed by the approved limb design of our Bearpaw bow factory. ● Bow length: 60 inches (approx. 152 cm) ● Bow weight: 25 - 55 lbs ● Handle: Walnut ● Limbs: Maple with black glass ● Tips: Mycarta ● Grip : Low pistol grip ● String: Whisper String ● Brace height: 8 inches ● Warranty: 30 yars Bodnik Bows warranty


Product Note Status Price
Bow Bag Recurve Bow Bag Recurve
Longbow "Maraudeur" LX Archerie Longbow "Maraudeur" LX Archerie
Recurve Bow "Sheytan" 62". 35 - 60lbs Recurve Bow "Sheytan" 62". 35 - 60lbs
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