Bambou shaft spine 50 - 55 lbs

Bambou shaft spine 50 - 55 lbs

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Vous pouvez choisir vos fûts en deux qualités : Standards (bonne régularité en spines, poids et rectitudes), ou optimisés, avec sélection du spine +/- 1 lbs, du poids +/- 1 gr., repère de l'emplacement de la plume coq et mises à longueur.



Ideal for hunting arrows and recreational shooting a final weight of more than 600 grains, see more ... The bamboo drums are direct products of nature, used for millennia for traditional arrows, they are sanded, straightened and incredibly strong, some experts do not hesitate to call him a "stronger than cedar" ... Naturally conical (tapered), the diameters vary somewhat as in the case of a natural product, but approaching an average of 11/32. What make beautiful, strong and durable arrows.


Product Note Status Price
Tradititonal Nock 11/32 Zoll Tradititonal Nock 11/32 Zoll
Target points brass bullet 5/16 Target points brass bullet 5/16
Spine tester ACE mod 107 Spine tester ACE mod 107
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