Longbow "Maraudeur" LX Archerie

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This bow is ideal for hunting and 3D shooting, it combines small size, flexibility and nervousness.

It will delight users by longbow gain optimum performance, while retaining its primary qualities of form, elegance , power and precision.

This hybrid longbow is easy to handle, especially for stringing or désencordage.

The precise finishing, including the base model.

2 years of personal research, bows out of my workshop from thousands of arrows in all weather sustained strength tests to prove their reliability.

This arc is guaranteed 12 months against any manufacturing defect.

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Product Note Status Price
Bow Bag Longbow Bow Bag Longbow
Housse pour longbow traditionnal Housse pour longbow traditionnal
Recurve Bow "Sheytan" 62". 35 - 60lbs Recurve Bow "Sheytan" 62". 35 - 60lbs
Longbow "Stonehenge" Longbow "Stonehenge"
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