Tool for Splicing and Self-Nocking

Product no.: BE822

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Our new tool is the consequence of the advancement of our well-known multi-splicer and of the self-nocker. Our aim was to kill two birds with one stone. We succeeded in reaching it. It was necessary, because the cartridges of the self-nocker broke frequently - and of course no one was delighted about that. 
With this tool you can repair broken arrows, prolongate the shafts and put them together with the frontal parts of the shafts, if necessary. Having worked on the final parts of the shafts, you have to put glue on them and then you can put them together very exactly with the aid of this tool by pressing them together. 
Furthermore this tool can be used for producing self-nocks: tension the shaft, fix everything in a bench vice and make the bull´s eye by means of saw and file. 



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Spruce shaft 5/16. Premium quality Spruce shaft 5/16. Premium quality
Spruce shaft 11/32 premium quality Spruce shaft 11/32 premium quality
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