Thunderhorn Bowquiver

Product no.: BE2300

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 Bowquiver This bow quiver can be attached on recurves as well as on long bows. The bow quiver is thrust behind the fade-out (within the middle part) above the limb and secured with a wide elastic stretch band. At this bow quiver we have designed the upper part somewhat smaller in order not to change the appearance of the lean long bow too much and to maintain a nice optic in general for the bow. With its additional mass this bow quiver provides the bow a higher shooting rest (i.e. stabilizer effect). For hunting, at stalking walk or at vacation with canoe this quiver is irreplaceable. ● dark plastic● Capacity: 6 arrows


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Foam for bowquiver Easy Foam for bowquiver Easy
Straps for bowquiver Straps for bowquiver
Bowquiver super hunter black Bowquiver super hunter black
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