Carquois d'arc Easy Noir

Carquois d'arc Easy Noir

Product no.: 70168

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Carquois d'arc Easy, cuir, existe en noir ou brun, adaptable sur longbows, recurves et pour tous les types de flèches...

The Easy Bowquiver lives up to its name!

Installing the Easy bowquiver is - easy! The top and bottom sections of the bow quiver are simply pushed over the bow limb and then strapped in place with their rubber bands! The Easy Bow Quiver readily fits most longbow and recurve bows. The sturdy rubber straps securly attaches the quiver to your bows. We intentionally designed the hood of the Easy Bowquiver to b a bit smaller than other quivers so it looks visually pleasing and streamlined even on slender traditional longbows! 

A great bow quiver at a great price!

  • Colors: Black, Brown
  • Arrow Gripper: Fits standard carbon arrows; Easton, Gold Tip, Carbon Express and other manufacturers with arrows of .245 and .246 ID
  • Capacity: 5 Arrows


Product Note Status Price
Foam for bowquiver Easy Foam for bowquiver Easy
Straps for bowquiver Straps for bowquiver
Bowquiver super hunter black Bowquiver super hunter black
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