Traditionnal Wrap 4" Bohning

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Quick Overview

• Customize your arrows for added visibility
• Available in 3 diameters
• Available in multiple color combinations




The Blazer® arrow wrap is the perfect match for the Blazer® broadhead vane and Blazer X2® ! Dress up your hunting or target arrows for increased visibility and style. The wraps are four inches in length. Standard Carbon size is 1.125" wide and fits 19/64 shaft. Small Carbon is .1" which fits 17/64. Extra Small Carbon is .875" and fits up to 14/64 shaft sizes. Each package contains 13 arrow wraps. **Clear Gold Tiger and Clear White Tiger wraps are shown on a black background. The wrap is printed on clear vinyl and will show your arrow shaft through the wrap.** 



Product Note Status Price
Timber Stick 300,400,500 and 600 Timber Stick 300,400,500 and 600
Bohning X Vanes shield 2.25" Bohning X Vanes shield 2.25"
Blazer vane Original 2" Blazer vane Original 2"
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