Natural Feathers Shield 3 " RW

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BP Turkey Feathers 3" LW Especially in traditional field of Archery Feathers of the size 5“ are used frequently. The effect of stabilizing the arrow of that kind of feathers is enormous! Furthermore it adds to the optical characterizing of the arrow and gives its individual make-up. Bearpaw feathers are available in shield and parabolic form. The feathers in type zebra stripe are particular attractive and nice made! ● Feather forms: shield and parabolic ● Colour structure: plain (uni), barred or zebra ● Colours: all typical available


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Drawn Steel Arrow Point Drawn Steel Arrow Point
Tapered Aluminum Point 5/16 30 grs Tapered Aluminum Point 5/16 30 grs
Natural Feathers Shield 4 " RW Natural Feathers Shield 4 " RW
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