Black Sheep Limbs Apollo

Product no.: 114627

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Technical specifications
Limb FittingScrew
Length68.00, 70.00, 66.00, 54.00, 64.00, 62.00, 48.00, 58.00 inch
Poundage30.00, 32.00, 16.00, 22.00, 24.00, 12.00, 28.00, 18.00, 36.00, 14.00, 26.00, 20.00, 34.00, 38.00, 10.00 lbs
Material TrueWood/Fibre
Key features
Designed for use with the Black Sheep Apollo riser (see related products below) but also compatiblewith a range of screw fitting models
Ideal for recreational archers, beginners, for use on training courses and as a first bow
Huge range of sizes available to fit archers of all ages and strengths


Product Note Status Price
Recurve Bow "Sheytan" Black and White Recurve Bow "Sheytan" Black and White
Longbow "Maraudeur" LX Archerie Longbow "Maraudeur" LX Archerie
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