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With the Penthalon Hunter series, we have broken the mold to realize our ideas concerning design and quality. We have adapted arrow weight, precision and length of these carbon shafts to the needs of traditional archery. This is a robust shaft for daily use in training, competition and hunting.

It is just as important to offer an inexpensive carbon shaft with good properties. Our Penthalon Blackwood cannot be beaten! Compared to its professional brother Blackwood Hunter merely its pointing accuracy is somewhat less!
But who cares, at this incredible price!

  • available spine values:300, 400, 500, 600 and 800
  • Straigthness: +/- 006
  • Quality: 100% carbon
  • Look: Carbon black
  • Delivery scope: only carbon shaft (nocks, inserts and points must be ordered separately)
Please select the Penthalon Speed Insert, Push In Nock and 3 D Combo Point additionally from the shop.




Product Note Status Price
Screw inserts Weights Screw inserts Weights
Inserts break off 40. 30  et 20 grains Inserts break off 40. 30 et 20 grains
Penthalon long insert 50 grains Penthalon long insert 50 grains
Blunt ACE screw in 6 pack Blunt ACE screw in 6 pack
Gold Tip Standard Nocks Gold Tip Standard Nocks
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