Timber Stick 300,400,500 and 600

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Carbonshaft Penthalon Timber Stick Together with Gold Tip we have developed an extreme robust and powerful carbon shaft! We used here only highest quality of carbon base material in order to produce an extreme resistance carbon shafts structure. The interesting wooden décor provides this carbon shafts its traditional finish: ● Available Spine values: 600, 500, 400 und 300 ● Diameters: 5/16" ● Lengths: all spine values 32" ● Straigthness: 006 ● Quality: 100% Carbon ● Optic finish: Timber wooden décor ● Not delivery with push-in nock and inserts ● Further technical detail can be found at www.penthalon.de at the bowhunter line.


Product Note Status Price
Screw inserts Weights Screw inserts Weights
Inserts break off 40. 30  et 20 grains Inserts break off 40. 30 et 20 grains
Penthalon long insert 50 grains Penthalon long insert 50 grains
Gold Tip Standard Nocks Gold Tip Standard Nocks
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