Terms guarantees

Terms guarantees manufactured LX arcs

Terms guarantees manufactured LX arcs

LX bows are guaranteed 12 months against any manufacturing defect. Part, labor and exchange standart.

arc must be used in the rules of the art of archery, maintained, handled and stored with care, the rope should be waxed regularly and changed as soon as she shows any sign of weakness. Take care of him and he will reward you ...

are excluded from the warranty, damage:

  • When stringing or désencordage arc, whatever method is used, or if the bow was stored roped.
  • If out of the rope, the slot or if vacuum delivers whatever reason.
  • Related to the use of a bad band.
  • When using arrows of less than 10 grains per pound weight.
  • If the arc is used with a longer than 30 ", unless specifically stated otherwise on the arc.
  • Following use of a rope other than that provided by the manufacturer.
  • Related to shock or places of storage for demanding materials such as moisture, heat, cold, dust, etc. ... As well as storage locations that may cause deformation or damage, even superficial.
  • Following modifications or interventions, even superficial, made by a person other than the manufacturer.
  • In general, any damage occurring outside the normal use of the bow (accident or shock of any kind, such as drop, immersion, or fire during transport ...)