All armguards are made by our licensed firms under our supervision and are controlled permanently. Excellent quality as well as sensible products at a good price. We offer you a wide selection of traditional armguards and standard armguards of all sorts. All traditional armguards include an extra inset to protect the arm against the blows of the string. Bearpaw Products are developed for you by traditional bowmen.

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Armguard cordura 3 straps Bohning camo

Product no.: 1689[1]

Stock level: 6

Armguard cordura 3 straps Bohning black

Product no.: 1689

Stock level: 7

Armguard Slip On Bohning

Product no.: 801009

Stock level: 2

Armguard blue one for kid

Product no.: BE1404

Stock level: 1

Armguard Dutchman

Product no.: 70063

Stock level: 4

Armguard Traditional

Product no.: 70083

Not available, delay 2 at 12 weeks

Armguard Fashion

Product no.: 70120

Stock level: 2

Hat camo realtree BearPaw

Product no.: 70069

Not available, delay 2 at 12 weeks

Shock cord for Armguard 1 meter

Product no.: 70890

Stock level: 2